Portable Office Containers Manufacturer in India

K. K. container service is engaged in manufacturing and trading of portable cabins and portable office containers. The portable cabins are used for various purposes from security guards rooms to portable offices to offices for real estate and construction companies. The company makes standard and customized portable cabins for clients. The customized portable cabins help clients get the cabins that are made on the specification provided by them.
The Portable Office Containers Manufacturer in India has established a large manufacturing unit for the construction of portable office containers. The company manufactures office containers, dry containers, and side office containers in various sizes and dimensions. The client is offered an option to take 20x40 feet office container, 20x10 and 20x8 feet containers as office container.
The company ensures that products are able to solve the space and office problem for the client and ensures the smooth flow of business for clients. The portable cabin containers can also be made from the shipping containers. The interior of the shipping containers cleaned and refurbished. The containers used for the shipping cargo movement are strong and durable. They are made of stainless steel and are made to be used in all weather conditions and seasons. The portable office containers manufacturers in India also create the portable office container on the specifications of the client. The cabins are made of steel, aluminum or combination of these metals. The cabins are generally in the rectangle shape.

Best Portable Office Containers Manufacturer in India

The office cabin container is fitted with all latest modern office gadgets. The electrical connections are created for fans, air conditioners, computer systems, fax machine and workstations. The office container has a separate cabin for the boss, workstations, cafeteria area, and kitchen area depending on the dimensions of the cabins. The office cabins are properly insulated and are decorated to look like a modern office with vinyl flooring, windows, door, and ventilation. The customization and need of the client define how many doors or windows a cabin may have. The air-conditioned and non-air conditioned facilities are also offered to the clients.
The portable office cabins can be transported to the site of the client through large trucks and Lorries. The real estate companies, construction companies and infrastructure companies are the largest clients of the portable office cabin containers.